Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital Transformation Strategies

We believe that one of your objective is to transform your business to the digital era. We will help you with building a Digital Transformation Strategy.

What is Digital Transformation

Change associated with: Technology, People and Processes to save time, cost, and achieve the objectives. Digital Transformation is more than just providing the technology. It’s ensuring that users are willing to use and work with the technology we provide. This is done by changing:
  • People/Culture
  • Processes
  • Technology

"27% of senior executives rate digital transformation as now being “a matter of survival”

MIT Sloan Management / Capgmini

We help you in building Digital Transformation Strategy & Digital transformation Roadmap to create a change inside-out the organization to adopt digital and build products/services to support the strategy using:
  • Digital Care eCare
  • Omni Channel Touchpoints
  • Big Data/Analysis
  • Recognition/AI
  • Internet of Things IoT
  • eCommerce
  • Cloud Computing

Measuring the Digital Transformation Performance

Building a digital transformation strategy and implementing it is not the final stage! we measure the impact and the effectiveness of the implementation to ensure meeting the requirements and achieve the management's objectives. We do this by measuring the Customer Adoption and Internal Capabilities measurement tools.