Data Analytics

Data Analytics & Prediction

Focused on using sophisticated rules, analytics and algorithms to better understand and predict customer requirements and turn to offer more relevant actions and offers leading to better loyalty.

Next Best Action (NBA): is a technique for creating customer triggered personalized interactions for known customers. NBA is in operation globally at many of the leading banks, insurance, telecom and some retail companies handling thousands of real time interactions per second.

Next Best Action for demonstrates how DIGITEINS’s Predictive Customer Intelligence can be used to retain a dissatisfied customer. We help your team to create Engaging Interactions that drive sales and customer loyalty.

Right Product to the Right Customer at THE RIGHT TIME!

Customer Analytics
Customer Segmentation & Profile, Customer Lifetime Value, Cross Selling & Upselling, Market Basket Analysis & Product Bundling, Recommendation Engine & Next Best Action, Customer Churn Analytics, Sentiment Analysis/ Voice of Customer
Social Media & Text Analytics
Social Media Analytics, Content Analytics, Social Media Listening, Social Media CRM & Ticketing (Support)
Use Cases
There are many use cases that can be helpful for your business. Let's discuss how can we participate in building the use case.